Wanted to learn [skill you teach] for longer than you can remember?

Escape “beginners’ overwhelm” and start playing full tunes on the sax in no time – even if you’re picking up the sax for the first time or struggle to consistently hit a clean note.

Wanted to learn the [ skill you teach ] for longer than you can remember?

This is the the space and the right time to agitate the problem the issue or the dream your course fulfills. 

Whatever your starting point, if you’re like most getting started on the [desired outcome], you might relate to one of the following…

What they want to learn describe in derails

What they want to experience, emotions satisfaction

You want more confidence to [do the think they will learn] to impress your parents, family, friends 
You have the BIG goal of [ what are they dreaming of to achieve ]
You want to [ do that thing ] like the all-time greats [ best masters in that field, authorities ]