How to fix your website core message and make your visitors book calls without feeling confused

Seems like you’ve done everything from logo design to SEO and ads and still not getting clients from your website?
If this happens, you might be missing something in your message that drives them away or holds them back from taking the action you want: contact you and schedule an introductory session.

Here are 3 common pitfalls that can be easy fixed, just by answering the right questions.

Answer these?
1. Does your bold headline on the top of your homepage is using an attention-grabbing formula that addresses your ideal clients core issue or desire? Because if it doesn’t, why should they care about the rest?

Attention grabbing formula headline ex.: [Problem they face, aka their current situation] + [where they want to be, desired outcome] + [how you can help them get there, your solution] + [*obstacles they face, what hods them back].

2. Does your “about section” or “about me page” speaks about you or about them. Because it really should be about them. Are you overusing the “I” and “me”? Because you should really overuse the “You” instead. Otherwise, why should they care?

Fix this by answering a few essential questions in one short paragraph each: How you and your unique approach can help them handle the issues they face? Why you are the right person to do this? Why should they choose you over the hundreds of options listed out there?

3. Do you provide clear next steps they must take to start working with you? What exactly they should do before deciding to leave? Supply a short roadmap they would follow to make the fast step and start the healing process.

It goes something like this:

Step #1: Click the button bellow and schedule a free phone consult:

Step #2; We’ll have a 15 min talk and figure out if I can provide you maximum support;

Step #3 If I’m the right fit, we’ll schedule our first session, if not I probably might point you in the right direction.

If you do this right, your chances of getting more calls from potential clients are automatically 99{e5a6004cb52e1dc41cb4384d961733b9ab6bded0665d522fd3613416a972bf79} higher than the average therapists in your area.


Because you help your visitors remove confusion, overcome obstacles, and have clarity on what happens next, even before they schedule a call.

People love clarity and hate confusion.

So doing this, you position yourself as a top choice expert for them, right from the start. And the free phone consult should really be just about deciding if you are the right fit, not about proving your skills.

If you still feel confused about how to apply this to your practice or want a proved blueprint you can implement and rest assured you did everything right….

Our ready-made websites follow the exact process described above, using a logical structured layout that guides the visitors from “confused” to “this is exactly what I need”.

Comment bellow “I want this” if you want me to setup a personalized demo for you and see the blueprint in action.

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